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More and more people are joining as customers to the corporate housing industry. There is more accessibility and global networking that allow individuals and not just corporate companies to rent apartments, fully furnished and well equipped with house and kitchen wares which the customers find much more comfortable and convenient. Not talking about doubling and tripling the living space. Many third side websites allow private owners and corporate housing companies to list their properties and add accurate details like address shown on google maps and photos of the apartment and the area which the apartment is located, that allow the customer to find out more about the neighborhood and with simple searches he can locate everything he wishes. while some individuals already discovered this amazing option others still stuck with the old well known motels , hotels and extend stay options not knowing that in the same price they can enjoy resort style living apartment which include amenities that many of them don’t have even in their private homes . as the industry develops there are more and more residential projects which are in building progress and will be established till the end of 2014 they will cover more areas and provide more competition . as long as people will continue to relocate and travel this industry will grow and flourish. the hidden secret behind this industry is the amount of people that are potential customer that haven’t discovered yet this amazing industry but when people will realize what they spend their money on they will sure swing and join corporate housing it only a matter of time and marketing

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