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Corporate Housing Multiple Solution Social Industry

Short term Housing solution is needed from various reasons it can be a business trip, relocation, insurance housing, government professionals, vacation rentals, student housing, military leaves. Up until recent years we all used the traditional housing solution which was hotels additional solution is of course motels or extend stay rooms. for the common people this option was not available at all times due to high pricing specially in a central locations which are the usually the location we all want to stay in . if you wanted to get a decent housing solution it was in most cases needed to be far away in a distant location or in a crappie hotel which only increase your stress and second guess your trip . So what are we looking for when we plan to stay from whatever reason away from our home? Most people prefer a place that will be specious enough to make them feel comfortable and not congested, they also would like to have a kitchen where they can cook, amenities are very important and they use to differ the corporate housing from hotels but not anymore. in most of the corporate units which are located in residential complexes you will find resort style amenities that are not falling from a 5 stars hotel and they are free to access not just for you to your guests as well . Another very important feature which people adore is that they have washer and dryer in the units and they are able to wash their cloths and not carry dirty ones or use an expensive washing service. Wifi and cable TV are free in the corporate units and im most cases they contain high speed internet and full cable package those services are usually charged in the competitive lodging solutions. some will say that the real difference between corporate housing and hotels is left to the maid service and the served meals and they right all due maid service can be provided you will need to take care of your diet but when you come to think about it the costly efficient units are allowing you to stay in a great furnished apartment and to feed yourself in a high end restaurant and still pay less. Corporate Housing is a social economic solution which is actually allowing the guest to get more for less and not like in the old fashion way which allow you to settle for less and find a cheap solution. Corporate Housing is a revolution in the housing and travel industry which is raising and acknowledging worldwide by corporations and individuals. Big companies use corporate units for years it’s the small ones that discover the costly worthiness in budgeting their business travels and rent corporate housing units instead of paying double and triple on hotels. Now days you can find 900 sq. ft. furnished corporate apartment in a fancy residential complex right next to a Hilton hotel that’s a true revolution and a new way of thinking.

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