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Saving Money On Employees Lodging Using Corporate Housing

Saving money on your employees Housing solutions is a significant important factor that reflects on your company financial status and reflects on your company efficacy. Is saving money on lodging solutions and raise your employee’s performance sounds like something that not make any sense? Researches shows that key important term for executives is their housing conditions during their project abroad. Depended on the length of the stay the environment, sq. ft. and amenities are becoming more important gradually. Even if it’s a short business trip space founded to be mental releaser for the executive after hours. Short term stay or long term stay it’s always feel good to come back to a place which you can feel at home in it. A place that includes kitchen, living room to seat back and relax, nice comfortable bedroom, free Wifi and cable tv with no extra charges it’s all comes to comfortability. today in Houston TX an avg. hotel room with limited amenities with sq. ft. of 200 price is 165-250$/night if you want to include Wifi and have limited basic cable package you will need to add additional fees and to add hotel tax . The avg. corporate apartment which is located at a great central locations near those hotels with 700 - 914 sq. ft. fully furnished and well equipped with house and kitchen wares price is 90-120/night. This is a High end apartments in a residential complexes which offers swimming pools 24/7 gyms, business centers, guest lounges and more. Its less the luxurious feeling that someone take care of you and provided you the most comfortable solution instead throwing you into hotel room or extend stay motel for the time you’re working for him its more the home feeling the moment you get back from work to your second home . Employees with less stress are more efficient from the one that are stressed. Employees with less stress use corporate housing apartments.

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