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The importance of reviews

growing availability of various web based reviews platforms, online product reviews are now a raising market phenomenon that is playing an increasingly viable role in consumer buying/purchase decisions. There are few types of online reviews: consumer generated reviews that are based on personal unique experiences, and reviews that are generated by professional writers/editors. However, little prior research efforts have been established to evaluate whether these two types of reviews have different effects on the behavior of online consumers. This study shows that consumer ratings about the quality of food, environment and service of restaurants, and the volume of online user’s reviews are positively associated with the online popularity of restaurants bars etc.; whereas editor reviews have a negative relationship with consumers' intention to visit a restaurant's webpage. The findings will help hospitality researchers and practitioners had better understand the impact of electronic word of mouth on purchase decisions. Another industry, which relays on consumer reviews, is the corporate housing industry. Now days there is a massive movement of online customers who book different lodging solutions through the World Wide Web and are able the leave a review bad or good without the ability to intervene from the renter side. The immediate effect in this industry taking place right away and the corporate housing management team making afford not only to address the issues they also working to improve the furnished apartments and raising the standards in each aspect. reviews can include everything from the apartment cleanliness through the house wares and kitchen wars and move on to the cable tv package , internet speed, bed linens , sofa quality bed quality and size ,the apartment location, the complex amenities , the complex maintenance team and management. Some reviews make sense and some not but for the corporate housing management team there is nothing else to do except attending the customer issues and make sure they will not repeat themselves again more over they need to do all that they can in order to improve the next review. Special customer service personal will say that in order to avoid the customer negative reviews lays in keeping in touch with the customer during his stay and respond to every little issue or need that raise up. In this way, the guest will know and feel that someone is taking care of him and will appreciate it when the time to write the review will come. Today’s technology and booking websites are making it very handy and available by sending the customers direct link to their email address to write a review so even if you’re not a review person you it is still very approachable. all in all there is a great value in reviews (all due some can be devastating for some companies and there are factors that are out of the hand of the corporate housing companies) but still sharing this information is vital and important in order to improve and give better service and make great stays for guests all over the world .

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