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Don't Feel Lonely

Talk to people a research study case shows that same sex strangers are attracted/fondness of each other after every conversation they are having. it covers online chatting as well don’t hesitate to talk to people anytime you feel like it . You will find that in most of the times they are interested as well even if it feels awkward for both sides.

Dates dates dates make yourself go on a date there is a lot of ways to meet people especially online. Don’t go with your friends.. go alone that way it will be easy for you to pic up the places you rely want to go without considering a group average decision.

Group meeting

In every city you can find now days groups of people exactly like you and under the circumstances find themselves alone and sometimes isolated. Search online for that groups sometimes they can be related to your place of birth or practicing the same religion. Even if those people are not your cup of tea it is always nice to socialize than not too.


Go to see a movie not only that this action is lifting and youll appreciate it after youll do it is also a mind distracter and considered as an upper. Many people think to themselves that if they go alone it shows or says something about them what they’re missing is that the world is full with perfectly normal people that are in the same situation.

Do something for others

To put away your sad thoughts you can always direct your energy in helping others or just make them happy for no reason out of the blue. It can be joining organizations who help people animals or whatever. Or it can be taking your grandparents for a dancing lesson. Free love is always rewarding no matter what.

Shower gives you good vibes

Make it a habit to take a shower whenever you come back to your accommodation good thoughts are coming in the bathroom. The feeling of clearing yourself comes to you mentally and not just physically when you’re taking a shower a nice hot bath will even cause more happiness and good feelings.

Sports if you’re up to it choose some sport and attend exercises few times a week. You don’t need to prepare for the Olympics you just need to release some piling stress. it can be running or better go to the gym where you can also socialize with others.

Watch inspiring stuff

It is very uplifting to watch inspiring stuff and be a part of the wisdom and knowledge of others. I can’t rely say what exactly trigger the uplifting moment but I found it very mood chaing thing to do when im feeling alone.


One of the advantages of renting furnished apartment instead of a hotel room is to have the availability to host friend’s co-workers and others. Usually those people are not so comfortable visiting you in your hotel room where you sleep. In a corporate housing apartment you have enough space to host people have them over to dinner lunch or just for a coffee

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