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Which Is the Right Housing Option

As one website explains succinctly, "Aside from airfare, lodging is typically the expense that takes the biggest bite out of a traveling budget. But there's no need to rack up hotel stays … Creative travelers who are willing to consider alternatives to hotels could pay a fraction of that price." And even more appealing is that they can also get a much more comfortable accommodation for that lower price.

How? The answer lies in temporary housing made available for corporate professionals.

The New Furnished Rental

Though there has long been widespread availability of temporary housing for vacationers, few have shown marked similarities. You might rent a cabin by a lake that is fully furnished and includes a kitchen or you might book a "long-term" stay in a hotel that features few comforts and amenities. It is often the luck of the draw.

These inconsistencies have led most to opt for a hotel stay while traveling. Whether it is a familiar chain or local firm, hotels tend to guarantee you a certain quality and level of comfort, though rarely do they make you feel at home or exceptionally comfortable. Impersonal in their overall design, they tend to provide guests with a single, large room or living space that is not all that conducive to sitting around and relaxing.

Yes, you are on vacation and shouldn't feel like lounging around the room, but if you are staying for more than a few days, this sort of living arrangement becomes oppressive and uncomfortable. Hotels are a bit problematic also because even a great hotel can prove a miserable choice if it is busy, noisy, and crowded.

This is why the "new furnished rental" is temporary housing meant for corporate travelers.

The Corporate Difference

Someone who is traveling for work is going to require a certain level of quality and comfort. They will need quiet, space to work and a separate area to relax. They will tend to need a full kitchen, laundry options, and all that comes with a furnished rental, such as linens, cooking equipment, WiFi, cable and entertainment systems.

Imagine heading out on corporate travel and knowing that you will arrive in a living space that feels like someone's well-furnished and welcoming home rather than a boring and crowded hotel room. This is what those who book temporary housing can expect. And though it may seem that you are swapping out some of the amenities for comfort, don't be too sure.

The emergence of corporate housing has led to the emergence of amenity-rich temporary housing for corporate travelers. As an example, you may find that your temporary housing option places you in a large and luxurious apartment with swimming pools, a fitness center, 24-hour front desk, and more. You will also discover that corporate temporary housing options can be found almost anywhere.

Watch Snowbirds

To prove this to be the case, just consider that many "snowbirds" (people who head away from the cold weather and stay in warmer locations until spring arrives) are now opting for a corporate furnished rental instead of a long term rental at a hotel or other accommodation. This is because it places them in a quiet residential area where there are no risks of partying, large events, crowds, and other issues that make a hotel an unhappy place to spend long periods of time.

Snowbirds often appear in popular southern destinations, and yet they are more frequently signing on for corporate furnished rentals. This demonstrates the affordability and the comforts, but also shows that you can find such rentals in even the most popular spots and destinations.

If you are starting to plan for an upcoming trip, do not overlook the many benefits of corporate temporary housing. Making this choice gives you a furnished rental that has a distinct and noticeable homey feel and atmosphere. It puts you in the midst of business travelers and homeowners who lead lives entirely different from vacationers. You won't have to worry if the people down the hall are going to be so noisy all night or if your belongings are safe because you are no longer in the hotel setting.

You can book rentals of this kind through a host of platforms, but one of the wisest methods is to look for "by owner" rentals. These guarantee that you will be able to obtain the most homelike results. Though all corporate rentals are run as business to business services and operations, the properties available through their owners are less likely to be "corporate" in feel and atmosphere.

Rather than a corporate held property that features only business services, the furnished apartments booked through arrangements with the owner are more likely to be appealing and attractive to families as well as professionals, and will be an ideal spot to spend your next stay.

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