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Don’t get me wrong I like hotels pretty much but I like the corporate housing much better that’s why I got into this business . here is a collection of reasons why to choose a furnished apartment the comfort the privacy is worth less.

  • The average furnished apartment is over twice the size of an extended stay hotel

  • Executive apartments offer a full kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, appliances and housewares

  • Pets are welcome!

  • Pool, gym and parking all in your complex

  • A Lighter, More Personal Travel Experience – Never worry again about how you’re going to possibly fit toiletries, 4 days of work clothes, and gym/casual clothes into a bag that you can actually carry on and fit into the overhead bin. Probably one of THE greatest benefits of staying in a corporate apartment is that you have a place to store everything from clothes, your favorite (full size) bottle of shampoo, more than 1-2 pairs of shoes and even your favorite accessories. By having all your favorite things around you, you’ll feel more at home and more like you. Plan wisely by finding a good dry cleaner and perhaps purchasing a couple things to leave there and the only thing you’ll have to carry back and forth are the clothes on your back on travel day.

  • Healthier Eating – Welcome to a real kitchen. While room service and take out can certainly be convenient, they are not great for your waistline. Plus, sometimes you might just be craving a home-cooked meal. In a corporate apartment, you’ve got that flexibility. You also have the ability to pick up some snacks and easy meals from the grocery store such as granola, oatmeal, fruit, individual veggie packs, bars or pasta. In most cases these will last you a long time, give you plenty to choose from that will help you fight weight gain while traveling, and stretch your dollar when it comes to food expenses.

  • Ability to Maximize Per Diems – While we’re on the subject…Ka’ching! Who doesn’t love that sound? And with a corporate apartment you have a fantastic opportunity to hear it more and more. Many consulting firms have expense policies that simply provide for a flat rate per day, or per diem, for meals and personal services. If you even cooked half your meals each week at your apartment versus ordering room service or purchasing something from the client’s cafeteria, think how much you’d save.

  • A Home Away from Home – Are there things to do in your client’s city that you just haven’t been able to squeeze into the busy work week? Stay one weekend and even invite a friend to visit. In general, travel/expense policies allow for some type of “flexible travel” which means you can choose to travel to a location other than your home, or pay to have someone come visit you if it doesn’t exceed the cost of your normal weekly commute. With a corporate apartment you’ll have the flexibility of having a place to stay on weekends without having to foot the bill yourself.

  • Comparable Amenities – Most corporate apartments come well-equipped with all the essential amenities you’d look for in a traditional or extended stay hotel, such as a workout center, internet access, and an onsite attendant/manager. Additionally, many will offer features you wouldn’t get (at least not for free) at a hotel, such as a washer/dryer and private mailbox. Many corporate housing options are even owned by some the major hotel chains, such as ExecuStay by Marriott. Though it is often at a reduced rate, these options do provide nights and points toward your status.

  • Team Camaraderie – Depending on your level and firm policies, there are instances where you may be required to share an apartment with someone else. While you each have your own rooms, this can be a sticking point for some people – and for others a golden opportunity to network and get to know a colleague better. The apartment environment also allows for a more social experience if you choose to cook dinner on occasion with team members or just hang out and decompress over a drink or movie in the evening. While more than likely you’ll want to still reserve some private time for yourself, this can also be a nice substitute for time away from family or friends.

  • ccommodate your family or multiple travelers - we do not charge per person

  • Comfort - full-size apartment compared to efficiency size hotel room (avg. hotel = 350 sq.ft. vs. avg. apartment = 750 sq ft.)

  • No irritating hotel tax of 15% or more (for stays longer than 30 days)

  • Complete kitchen with appliances compared to a "kitchenette"

  • Convenience - use of all apartment community amenities (including pool, fitness facility, executive center, parking options, etc.)

  • Ability to accommodate your family pets

make the right decision

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