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Apartment Hospitality Tips

Is it personal

Many times families ask to have the gathering outside their home it is not personal it may be a burden or they are in a stage where they still can’t or feel comfortable to host in their own apartment. Especially when they are staying in a rental apartment

The Culture Teach Hospitality: Be Patient

Hospitality is different in every culture and while some are used to host all kind of guests, strangers, family members, coworkers and others some of us are more restricted by the way our culture shaped us and raised us to be. In some cultures it’s normal to share more with the guests while in other cultures it’s not. Meaning sometimes youll enter someone’s house and he will offer you all that he have and can and sometimes youll get a cup of tea and that’s it. It doesn’t say any negative things about either side it’s just their culture hospitality.

Be Patient With Families with Children

When inviting families over bear in mind they might come with their children and also bear in mind that not all families gave the same education to their children’s as your family gave you or you gave to your own kids. So it’s important to notice and consider and be patient with your guests and more with your guests children’s

Make it Easy for the Family

Living in an apartment, we get used to where you are to park and how to find your apartment. But an apartment complex can be so confusing to a new comer! Wendy shares,

Some may feel that it is easier just to invite you to their house where you can pull up into the driveway and walk right in the house. So always make it easy for the family you are inviting over. Wendy shares,

Our apartment complex can be confusing so we have done things such as open up our patio door and turn the light on. As soon as we see them coming down the side walk we head to the patio and point them in the right direction. Or be prepared with a complex map that you can email to them along with the address and what they can bring.

Ask the Family You Are Inviting Over to Help

As Wendy said earlier, families can feel like a burden upon a couple living in an apartment, especially a young newly married couple. If you feel this is the case then let the family know what they can bring. Do not assume that the family will or even can bring something but if you know this family wants to contribute then let them! Being able to bring something such as a salad, dessert, or drinks helps the family to feel more at ease and helps them feel like they are contributing.

Make sure you know what the kids will or won’t eat! Some families allow their children to be extremely picky, so make sure you know this up front so that the parents are not embarrassed when the kids won’t eat your cooking.

Also, always make sure to ask about allergies

Make Your House Kid Friendly

The more we practice hospitality the more we realize that we need to have a game plan for when kids come over to our apartment. Since we don’t have kids we often make plans without them in mind. Some families will require that their children sit quietly during dinner and while we talk and other children will freely roam your apartment.

Be ready for kids being in your apartment. Grab a couple classic kid movies at Goodwill or find Veggie Tales on Netflix and offer to put a movie on for the kids.

Another great option is to head to GoodWill and find some great plastic toys for kids of all ages (get plastic so you can give them a GREAT scrub). Spend a couple dollars and fill a tub of toys and bring them out when kids come over. The parents will appreciate that their kids will have something to distract them. And make sure you let the parents know that you don’t mind the mess!

Keep Practicing and Learning

Some families may never feel comfortable enough to come to your apartment, but that’s okay Don’t take it personal and be thankful for any opportunity you get. I know that we have been on the apartment side of this. We have taken the initiative to invite a family over. I’m already planning on what to cook and I have game ideas ready and then they invite you to their house instead. I know that I can get hurt feelings but at the end of the day you never know why the family wants it at their house.

Keep practicing hospitality and always continue learning. If you are known for practicing hospitality within the church and word spreads that you have had families in your apartment, more families will feel comfortable going to your apartment. Make it as easy for the families as possible and kid friendly

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