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First Hand Experience

Searching Short Term Accommodation

Business travelers, visitors, tourists searching for a temporary stay in Houston TX should look for a furnished apartment.

Now days there are so many lodging solutions and it varies depending on what you’re looking for. For me personally it doesn’t really matter as long as the bed will be big and comfortable but I did notice that when I need to stay more the a few days in a hotel is not the best solution for me and I believe for everybody. Rooms are too small and too expensive it is not about the price its more about the value and quality were talking about here. Why should I spend triple money on hotel room when easily I can rent an entire apartment in the same location?

The answer is NO Reason.

After few day on any of my business trip I start craving for some home cooking and since I love to cook it is highly appreciated when I can use the apartment kitchenware’s and make myself something healthy and nice …don’t get me wrong I love eating outside but sometimes enough is enough and I find cooking somewhat relaxing activity not to mention creative if you know what you’re doing.

I don’t need to spend extra money on obvious things like parking, Wifi, normal cable tv and usually when I rent furnished apartments this things included in the package. Another thing I love about renting furnished apartments is the check in and out process. So easy I could not ask for more … I can arrive at any hour I want and I can check in whenever I want no paper work no registration or anything like that im meeting the friendly guys take the key if I wish too they tour me around and that’s it . very important to verify what is left in the apartment so cooking wares we already mention but towels is important some welcome box with things that will make your landing softer, toilet paper, tooth brush, some soap and few more little things that will make you pass the first day or two until you will accomplish your grocery shopping for your stay. cleanliness is most important if the apartment is not clean demand cleaning service form your hostess unfortunate sometimes those cleaning services are not trust worthy and need to come again. Most if not all hostess will send them again and will do their best to rectify it I appreciated when they do. Amenities is also key feature in all my stays Im checking carefully what kind of gym and swimming pool exists in the complex im staying (that’s if you’re staying in residential complexes[yh1] which I fully recommend) ask form your hostess to send you actual pictures of the apartment and the complex amenities prior your arrival and keep them on your pc or phone. Its ok if they are a little different from the real thing but only a little if they are much different don’t be shay to ask for some compensation don’t forget you have the power of reviewing their property. All in all furnished apartments who usually provided by corporate housing companies are the best but the best short term accommodation solution I ever experienced


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