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Residential Complexes & AirBnb Conflict

Security and controlled environment are important and apparently key factors for conservative managements who supervise residential complexes. The process to achieve it include interviewing the renter , running background and credit check , signing a contract and charging deposit . By accomplishing all of the above they create an environment where they control all the information and establishing solid community where the tenants know each other and stay for long term. Acknowledging another solid aspect of the business is to allocate certain percentage of apartments for Corporate Housing Companies which provide short term lodging solution for customers who are not looking to commit to a year lease and looking for furnished and move in ready apartments . Corporate Housing companies lease terms are at least 12 months leases and going up to 15 months. the process of renting an apartment to a short term renter is similar to the processes of complexes . except that the interview is not always taking place specially when the client is from abroad. so where is the conflict ? recently technology has been improved and many booking platforms where added. globalization and home sharing opened up an industry that was hidden and was preserved to major companies who used to buy apartments furnish them and let their employees use them as a temporary relocation or job assignment lodging solution . now days small business and actually everybody can use this solution. it became approachable to the masses. strangely there is a missed trust issue that rose up since this solution is open for everybody and now days everybody can book apartments online . this platform is just one of the marketing medias used by corporate housing companies. all due those online platform do not screen the tenants they do ask the users to identify themselves with government ID and other means of identity. IT Doesn't mean the tenant are not getting screened or not bound with contract and policies which where they need to comply with all the regulations stated in the lease agreement between the corporate company and the complex . after hosting thousands of guests i noticed something ...the leasing staff doesn't like to give services to corporate housing users from what ever reason maybe its the lack of knowing them like they do their own customers who signed lease directly through them. the other thing i noticed is that their frustration is going up to the management in a different ways - one of them is blaming the corporate housing companies of bringing bad people and not screening them . setting their minds that the corporate housing companies dont care who stay in the apartment as long as someone stays there . which is completely not true far away from it and off line . Corporate Housing essence is short term rentals . some property mangers seem to understand it well when a lease up is in processes but tend to forget it afterwards. the leasing agreement between the Corporate Housing company and the complex is in favor of the complex and is been taking very seriously by the corporate company . corporate housing companies care very much about the community and the environment. one of the most repeating questions we receive from guests is : " is this a safe community ".."is this is a safe neighborhood " ... " what kind of people live there " when we search apartments for our clients we always check the crime rate of the area. that is why we find it funny when the spot light of bad clients is turned to us. Dealing with people is never easy but challenging and building reputation for our company is important . we are well familiar and acknowledge that there are some bad companies out there as well as complexes . what Airbnb has to do with all of that ? in short airbnb dont screen the users (but it doesnt mean the corporate company doesn't ) Airbnb using a verification processes where you should picture yourself with any government ID . Airbnb created a trust system that has been researched and the results are very much making sense watch the video

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