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The Bayou City saw a bump in home values in November compared to the previous year.

The median home value in the Houston metro area hovered around $176,000, or up 7 percent over the past year, according to a Zillow report. The company predicts home values will jump 3 percent within the next year.

Enlarge The median home value in the Houston metro area hovered around $176,000, or up 7 percent… more

Houston's median list price per square foot has stayed in line with Texas' average of $113. The median price for homes in Houston is $279,990.

On the rent side, the median price in the Houston metro area is $1,550, which is higher than the statewide average of $1,418.

Winter is the most affordable time to buy a home in the Houston area, mirroring a larger homebuying trend across the U.S., according to a Nerd Wallet report in September. The average summer home price around Houston is about $219,162, but in January, the cheapest month, it's about $201,365.

That's an 8.1 percent difference.

Around the U.S., summer prices peaked in June and July and tended to decline in the fall — a 2.96 percent drop on average or about $8,300 on the median home. Winter prices fell 8.45 percent on average, and January was the cheapest month in 29 of the 50 metro areas. As the price per sq ft gos up the furnished apartments vacancy grow in more then 7% in 2016 the corporate housing industry is suffering from the job cuts made in the energy industry hopefully with the new administration things will change and 2017 will better year for the corporate housing and furnished apartments industry

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