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Pleasant stay corporate housing and furnished apartments key information needed and always requested their by any guest is the parking situation.there fore we always take it into consideration when setting up a new corporate suite in every property. Blow is an interested aritcle we found in one of the Houston business magazine:

Except for grains of sand, a billion of anything is a lot. That’s the total number of parking spaces that occupy the U.S. More than 200 million cars operate in this country today, so at any given moment more than 75 percent of parking spaces go unoccupied.

We’ve grossly miscalculated the need for parking.

In many markets, car-centric development and zoning-based parking requirements have left the landscape a wasteland of lonesome pavement. As the sharing economy grows and cities invest more in public transit alternatives, parking needs will continue to shrink. The next generation of commuters will gradually lose interest in vehicle ownership as more transportation options arise. Millennials understand that Uber and hoverboards get them to the places they need to go.

Ride-sharing wasn’t the vision of the parking lots’ creators and it’s not a good management practice from an asset-performance perspective. With autonomous cars being right around the corner, real estate professionals need to begin thinking about how to transform parking lots into vital money-generators in the new digital economy. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can guide that transformation. Real estate professionals can now analyze consumer behavior like never before – without major expense – and create plans based on predictions from reliable analytics.

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